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Residential Trash Can Cleaning 

While roaming around the city, we observed that dirty trash cans spoil the beauty of the town, spread viruses or diseases and leave a bad impression. With a vision to make our town look better, we aim to provide, much needed, residential and commercial trash can cleaning services.

We consider the budget of our clients and offer conventional monthly cleaning packages to our clientele. Automated cleaning, sanitization and deodorization steps make our service complete and perfect for any homeowner! We never use a single drop of the homeowner’s water.

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Commercial Dumpster Cleaning 

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Restaurants, offices, shopping malls, markets or any commercial settings have huge dumpsters that can be a potential health hazard if left unclean for a long time. They require the special machinery and team to clean them, and we have it all. We deliver commercial dumpster cleaning with complete efficiency at great prices.
We make your bins look and smell like new. You can increase the value of your business by portraying clean and managed dumpster. Our experts completely understand your requirements and work as per your demands so you can enjoy comprehensive and hassle-free services.

Power washing services

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Trash Can Cleaning of Iowa offers many power washing services like decks, patios, garages, cars and trucks, RVs, boats and so much more. Contact us today for a free quote!

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