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About Trash can Cleaning of Iowa LLC

About Us

Trash Can Cleaning of Iowa is a family owned business which operates in Central Iowa with an aim to provide environment-friendly trash can cleaning services to the Des Moines Metro and surrounding areas. Filthy trash cans and dumpsters are a source of bad odor, food for harmful insects, rats, and a home to various bacteria and viruses causing illnesses. With thousands of germs and a high risk of health diseases these trash bins present a very dirty and polluted picture of the area.
For the betterment and safety of environment and habitats of nearby areas it is necessary to clean dumpsters and trash cans. We deliver well managed, budget-friendly, and customized cleaning services to all clients. Our simple yet efficient way of working helps our clients to enjoy hassle-free services anytime and every time.
We have modern machinery, state of the art cleaning equipment, and a well-trained staff which reaches the spot whenever and where ever services are required, making your bins clean and reduces germs. The use of eco-friendly cleaning agents and fragrance sprays make our services 100% environment-friendly. Whether you want a bin cleaning service for commercial or residential niches- our company is always ready to serve you with supreme quality services.

Why Choose Us

Our packages are budget-friendly and offer a complete set of services to our clients.

We are experts in what we do and know how to keep our customers happy.

With a specialized team and focused vision, we aim to deliver unmatchable services for the trash can cleaning industry to keep families fit and healthy.

We are the first company of its kind operating in Central Iowa and have some of the best machines and equipment to convert nasty bins to super shiny, clean, and fresh smelling containers.

For effective cleaning, our team uses Eco-friendly substances and pressure wash techniques with 100 percent water containment.

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